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Elevate Arnold

One-ique Canvas

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Tired of working with your picture frames?  Switch out for our value focused canvas printing.  Upload your own picture, select your size, and we'll complete the printing across the face of the canvas with a slight overspray of the sides.  We take care of the most difficult part, allowing you the DIY opportunity of decisions such as leaving the sides white or painting them for a different look.  Sawtooth hangar is installed on the back of the canvas for your convenience in hanging.

Credit for example picture goes to Dawn with Roman & Swan Creative Studios.  While we strive for a high quality, results are based on the quality of your pictures.  For best results, we recommend booking one of Roman & Swan's miniphoto shoots.

(Note on 16x19.6 sizing:  Our max printing size is 19.6", leaving us unable to do a full 20" print.  This leaves slightly less than 1/2 inch on the face.  We can split this between each side for a little highlight OR for us to add your short description, memo, location, etc to the bottom or top)

Printed and treated with clearcoat for moisture protection.  (Yes, we've stress tested these in the rain with no washout.)

Image Upload Instructions (If Needed)