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Elevate Arnold

Sixteenth Street Bridge

Image Upload Instructions (If Needed)

The original photographer, Hernan Bodino, had this amazing shot of the 16th Street Bridge posted in a Pittsburgh neighborhood group.  We asked if we could put it on canvas and we were able to enter into an agreement so you can benefit from this awesome picture of home.

All of our canvases are printed on prestretched frames, allowing us to print across the face, with a slight overspray on the sides, coated with a gloss enamel to protect the canvas, and finished with a sawtooth hangar.  We will consider testing wrap printing as a future expansion, but do not have a timeline currently.

Note on 16x20 print:  Our max print size is 19.6, leaving a small gap of less than a half inch.  We will use this space to add the artist's information and description of the photo.

Image Upload Instructions (If Needed)