About Us

Elevate Arnold LLC was originally organized at the end of 2020 for the purchase of a commercial property that, like all opportunities sometimes, didn't quite happen.  While Crystal continued making custom crafts on a hobbyist level over the past two years, we were inundated with the level of demand for Audrey's first layered project, the ASL Love design.  Realizing that we wouldn't be able to respond to our customer requests through Crystal's Facebook messages, Mark decided to pivot Elevate Arnold from its initial path of making commercial real estate space easy and accessible to become the legal entity behind Elevate Arnold Designs.

We are still enamored by the outpouring of support in response to ASL Love by Audrey.  Continuing with our own modern corollary to the Carnegie Doctrine, we believe that education, wealth creation, and philanthropy are lifelong goals that should be continuous and parallel throughout life.  Put simply, our mission is Inspiring Individuals Forward Together.

With that in mind, we plan to build partnerships until all of our collections provide some level of support for a worthy cause.  We started with Teach From Dehart Foundation to assist with the acquisition and renovations for Teach From Dehart Academy using our own designs for Easter 2022, and we have regularly partnered for the benefit of the New Kensington Arts Center which has graciously allowed many artists and community organizations to find a starting home.

Effective June 2022, if any of our designs can relate to your organization's mission, reach out to us and we will let you lay claim to it to receive a part of the sales.  It's one option we have available to offer worthy causes fundraisers with no up front cost.