Our Local Partnerships

Kevin Harrington gave a quote that partnerships are key to scaling your business.  We wholeheartedly agree!  We provide a product that every business needs to be able to provide a professional appearance.  For the off hours, we also enjoy working with artists to provide options that display the exact opposite.  Elevate Arnold is based around building partnerships with those who want to join us on our journey of Inspiring Others Forward Together.

We have quickly became close with the New Kensington Art Center as we share the same beliefs:  our youth need art, and our artists should be able to have resources to reproduce their art.  Through the New Kensington Art Center, we met the great folks behind the cameras of Roman and Swan Creative Studios, who provided the easiest picture we've put on canvas so far.  Of course, it's also exciting to see them partner up with ShaunWave Films, whose apparel we've made for years with a Cricut, to share space.

Partnerships mean you don't have to do everything, while being able to feel you have access to everything.  So here's a short list of who we have worked with, and if you're in need of their services, check them out!


Artistic and Creative Friends

Uncle Dave's Art Studio & Books

ShaunWave Films

Roman and Swan Creative Studios

New Kensington Art Center

Vehicle Detailers