Our Charitable Donation Process

For items marked as having any amount of sale going towards a charitable organization, we utilize a combination of vehicles.

For contributions to large national or nonlocal organizations, we utilize a plug-in through Pledge Technologies to automate the donation process through Pledgeling Foundation (EIN: 46-2440594), which consolidates smaller donations through their systems and provides a monthly check directly to the selected organization.  While Pledgeling Foundation does deduct fees using this method, their convenient, automated capability makes this the best current choice until we can work with our own programmers to do better.

For contributions to local organizations, such as the New Kensington Arts Center (EIN: 81-1229804), or production support for organizers of larger charity events, such as Code Green Campaign Ride Pittsburgh (Code Green Campaign EIN: 46-5739098, SafeCall Now EIN: 26-3430343), we assess donations due from product sales either monthly or at a period decided with the benefitting event organizer and provide these funds to them directly to avoid any loss of benefit that these smaller, local causes need.

While we have in the past provided direct donations through peer-to-peer systems such as GoFundMe, we heavily limit our involvement in these systems at this time for a variety of reasons.  If you are using GoFundMe as your donation vehicle, we encourage you to talk to a recognized charity.

(All EIN Numbers were located using Charity Navigator)